Intern: Marya Fratoni

Marya is currently a Senior at the University of Connecticut and is studying English and Communications. She hopes to own her own business in the future and possibly run for government office. As the creator of this blog, she spent copious amounts of time creating this site in order to gain prestige for this internship and to advertise the skills of the past, present, and future interns. Marya believes that this internship has been the most valuable to adding to her skill set thus far and the most applicable to everyday life success. 

“This internship taught me how to succeed not only in business or in politics, but also in everyday life. I observed the leadership styles of the council members and the Mayor and learned that transparency is always the best practice in government and in life when leading a team of contributors.”


Intern: Geneva Blaha

Geneva is currently a Junior at West Chester University majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Affairs. She hopes to work in international government affairs in the future and takes away skills for effective communication and the understanding of how government works. 

“There’s no better classroom than learning in the field!”

Intern: Sarah Falta

Sarah is currently a student at West Chester University and used her artistic photography skills to create a Facebook page to advertise the citizens of West Chester and the high quality of life. Miss Falta took to the streets of West Chester and conducted over 40 interviews with community members to make them aware of their voice in the local government and the importance of their opinions. Her website can be seen here:

“This internship provided opportunities to meet highly influential individuals working to bring change, awareness, or fellowship. From meeting these people, I learned that leadership can be harnessed no matter the circumstances…Observing these leadership traits in the individuals I formed relationships with has taught me to reflect and relay their leadership traits in my own life.”

Intern: Blair Campbell

Blair is an alum of West Chester University who found great value in her internship with the Mayor. As her internship project, she researched and organized a panel on campus to raise awareness about human trafficking. This issue is one that means a great deal to Blair and she hopes to use her project as a portfolio piece to work for Homeland Security and eventually abolish the practice altogether. From this internship, she gained time management skills and was able to push herself to her limits in order to reach her goals. She is now aiming to teach abroad in Europe and Asia and the international experience she gained from this internship is that of great value. 

Working closely with the Mayor, a woman dedicated to bettering not only our community, but the international community greatly shaped me.

Intern: Savannah Dysard

Savannah is currently starting her freshman year at George Washington University and will a student at the Elliot School of International Affairs. Her goal is to create positive change somewhere in the world as she goes forward. 

This internship has meant the world to me. It has solidified my decision to major in international affairs, provided me with many contacts, given me experiences that I would never have had on my own, and served as a great reflection of my work throughout high school on my college applications.”

Intern: Sarah Borum

Sarah is currently a Senior at the University of South Carolina and plans on starting her own business in the future. Her main internship project consisted of putting together the 2nd Annual Community Conversation as well as developing pamphlets and collecting the inputs of the citizens of the borough from the conversation in an efficient format. She would comment that the most valuable piece of information she learned from Mayor Comitta was to listen to others’ opinions and work as a collaborative team instead of individuals. But amidst all this, she realized that it is important to not be hesitant in speaking your mind as well.

The constant support of Mayor Comitta as well as her passion for female leadership encouraged me to run for and receive the positions of sorority president, University 101 Peer Leader and Resident Mentor.”